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In House Resource Center (Church Office):

This section describes sets of materials that are maintained as a “Lending Library” office function.


“Understanding Your Role As A Mom”.  A 14 Track Audio CD by Mrs. Tracey Eyster.

       Producer: Focus on the Family.  Published 2012


 “God’s Blueprint for a Healthy Marriage”.  A series of two Audio CD’s authored by Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Kathy Keller. 

Producer: Focus on the Family. Published 2012.


 “The Vital Role of Fathering”.  An Audio CD authored by Josh McDowell. The CD contains 16 tracks of audio designed to be used in a two day learning Event. 

Producer:  Focus on the Family.  Published in 2006 and 2010.


 “Understanding God’s Sacred Design For Sex”.  An Audio CD authored by Dr. Tony Evens. 

Producer: Focus on the Family.  Published in 2014


 “Healthy Approach to Teaching Kids About Sex”   An Audio CD authored by Dr. Marilyn Maxwell.  

Producer:  Focus on the Family.  Published in 2013.


 “Tackling The Tough Questions Of Motherhood”.  An Audio CD authored by Mrs. Jill Savage. 

Producer: Focus on the Family.   Published 2010.


“Raising Kingdom Kids”.  Written by Dr Tony Evans the author uses 6 DVD Sessions. 

To guide the participants into fulfilling the realm of kingdom parenting. The materials provide a “Leader’s Guide”. (Downloadable PDF set of materials), A DVD, and a “Participants Guide Text”  Published 2015.


“Why Family Matters”.  A Text on “A Modern Look At An Ancient Truth”. 

Producer:  Focus on the Family. Published 2013.


“The Good Dad”.  A Text on “Becoming the Father You Were Meant to Be” 

Author: Jim Daily; Published by Zondervan, 2014. ( 5 Copies Available )

 “Getting Your Husband To Talk To You”. A Text on “Secrets to Helping Him Share His Heart” 

Author: Bob And Cheryl Moeller.  Published by Harvest House Publishers, 2013.  ( 2 Copies Available )


“The Dating Manifesto”.  A Text on “A Drama Free Plan For Pursuing Marriage With Purpose”.  

Author: Lisa Anderson. Published by David Cook, 2015. ( 2 Copies Available )



“Losing Control and Liking It”. A Text on “How To Set Your Teen (And Yourself) Free” 

Author:  Tim Sanford, M.A.  Published by Tyndale House Publishers, 2009 –  “Focus On The Family”


“But I’m Not A Wicked Stepmother!”   A Text about “The Secrets of Successful Blended Families”. 

Authors: Kathi Lipp & Carol Boley.  Published by Tyndale. House Publishers, 2015 – “Focus on The Family”


”Be The Dad She Needs You To Be”  

A Text about  “The Indelible Imprint a Father Leaves On His Daughter’s Life”. 

Author:  Dr Kevin Leman.  Published by W Publishing Group, 2015.


 “Why Trust the Bible” 

A multi-fold, multi-page graphically and text oriented pamphlet. Pamphlet is designed to be used either in a self learning environment or in a small Group setting.  It addresses such question as “Was the Bible tampered with?” And “How do we know the Bible was copied accurately?”         

Authored by Dr.Timothy Paul Jones.  Published in 2007 by Rose Publishing. 


“The Dead Sea Scrolls”  

A multi-fold, multi-page graphically and text oriented pamphlet.  Pamphlet is designed to be used either in a self learning environment or in a small group setting.  Topics includes “Evidence That Supports the Authenticity of the Bible, How the Scrolls were Found and Their Importance – among other topics.


“Bible Overview”  

A multi-fold, multi-page graphically and text oriented pamphlet. Pamphlet is designed to be used either in a self learning environment or in a small group setting.  ( 6 copies available)


“50 Proofs for the Bible”

A multi-fold, multi-page graphically and text oriented pamphlet.  Pamphlet is designed to be used either in a self learning environment or in a small group setting.  Topics include 50 finds that help one understand the Bible better, Finds that helps explain Bible backgrounds and cultures and Archaeological finds that help confirm the Bible’s accuracy.  ( 2 Copies Available)


 “Answers to Evolution”  

A multi-fold, multi-page graphically and text oriented pamphlet.  Pamphlet is designed to be used either in a self learning environment  or in a small group setting.  Topics include Quotes from scientists, Errors in Darwinism, Problems with Science Textbooks, and 16 reasons to doubt Darwinism. ( 2 copies available)


“How We Got The Bible”. 

A multi-fold, multi-page graphically and text oriented pamphlet.  Pamphlet is designed to be used either in a self learning environment or in a small group setting.  Topics include A Time Line of Key Events in the History of the Bible.  (2 copies available)


“100 Things to Know When Dating”

A multi-fold, multi-page graphically and text oriented pamphlet. Pamphlet is designed to be used either in a self learning environment or in a small group setting.  Topics include Dating and Relationships, And 10 Questions to ask as parents of your children. (2 copies available)


“Why Wait”.

A multi-fold, multi-page graphically and text oriented pamphlet.  Pamphlet is designed to be used either in a self learning environment or in a small group setting.  Topics include 24 reasons to wait until marriage to have sex, Biblical reasons, medical facts, emotional effects and safe sex.  (7 copies available)

“Marriage Matters” 

A text that focuses on the question as to how “Can ordinary marriages become extraordinary?”.  A separate Study Guide Manual accompanies the text and is designed to be used in a “study” environment.  

Author:  Winston T. Smith.  This text and its accompanying study guide are helpful resources for couples who seek to understand God’s purposes for marriage as well as to how to think through their own  expectations and reactions when things go wrong.

“Sacred Marriage”

A text with a subtitle of “What if God designed marriage to holy more that to make us happy?  This publication is designed to used in a personal study venue as well as being designed to be used in small group and class room settings. 

Author:  Gary Thomas.  The “Sacred Marriage” author doesn’t tell how to build a better marriage; it shows how your marriage can help your deepen your relationship with God.

“A Wife After God’s Own Heart”  

Author: Elizabeth George, provides an outline of the Bible’s own guidance on marriage into the 12 things that matter most. Subjects such as “becoming a better wife by putting first things first” and “balancing your priorities to pursue Go’s best in your marriage, family and work” are two of the subjects discussed in this text.

“Practical Help for Stressed-Out Marriages”  

An Audio CD produced by Focus on the Family. Published in 2012.

“The 4 Seasons of Marriage – Secrets to a Lasting Marriage” 

Author:  Gary Chapman. This text helps the husband and wife identify which season their marriage is currently in, gives them a common language with which to discuss the marriage, and provides practical strategies that will help strengthen and enhance the relationship.


“Getting Ready for Marriage – How to Really Get to Know the Person You’re Going to Marry”                               

Authors:  Jerry D. Hardin and Dianne C. Sloan.  This workbook helps engaged couples and newlyweds to learn what “ghosts” they bring to marriage, examine their family backgrounds, and then determine guidelines for their own marriage.

“Chosen and Cherished – Biblical Wisdom for You Marriage” 

Author: Kimberly Hahn. This text is the first in a series of Bible studies on Proverbs 31.  Chosen and Cherished offers tools to help you build on your marriage on the firm foundation of faith.

“10 Lies Men Believe” 

Author:  J. Lee Grady.   This author of this text exposes 10 lies men believe and  offers practical answers for every man who struggles to discover his true purpose and identity.


 “Cracking the Communication Code – The Secret to Speaking Your Mate’s Language”

Author:  Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.  The author of this text focuses on a Biblical based perspective  as to the things that can happen in a marriage simply by changing ones words and learning to speak your spouses language.


“ Why Children Matter” 

Author: Johann Christoph Arnold.  This text offers Biblical based wisdom and common-sense advice on how to hold a family together and raise children with character. 

“Bringing Up Girls – Shaping the Next Generation of Women” 

Author:  Dr. James Dobson.   The “Bringing Up Girls’ text provides the reader with insights and an approach to help a individual face the challenges of raising their daughters to become strong, healthy and confident women who excel in life.

“Bringing Up Boys – Shaping the Next Generation of Men” 

Author:  Dr. James Dobson. Focusing on  questions such as “Why are so many boys in crisis?” or “What qualities should we be trying to instill in  young males?” the author draws from his experience as a doctor and family counselor  to provide Biblical based advice and encouragement.  The text is designed to be used by parents, youth leaders and counselors – anyone involved in the challenge of turning boys into good men.


“Be the Dad She Needs You to Be – The Indelible Imprint a Father Leaves on His Daughter’s Life” 

Author: Dr. Kevin Leman.    Dr Leman in his book describes  how the dad is tied to a daughter’s life relationship wise in terms of her self-esteem, choices, behavior, and even her ideas about or choice of her future husband.  Some of the topics include:  “The Relationship That Matters  Most”,  “Walking the Balance Beam” and “Time is Ticking”


“Parenting Your Adult Child – Keeping the Faith and Your Sanity”. 

Author:  Susan V. Voght.  In this text the author addresses such subject as: “When to rescue and when to not”; “How to keep your faith when your child seems to be abandoning it”; “How to forgive yourself for the mistakes you made in parenting along the way”; and “How to move into an adult-adult relationship with this amazing person you have raised”  


“30 Ways a Mother Can Bless Her Children”. 

Author:  John Trent, Phd. Dr, Trent focuses in this book on the fact that kids long for their parents to affirm their value and worth.  “The Blessing” as discussed in this book is the powerful, yet simple, biblical concept that can strengthen this relationship.  The reader will gain insights into 30 different ways one can build up their sons and daughters help them understand their worth in their family and before God.  (3 copies in the library)


“Your Legacy” 

Author:  Dr. James Dobson,  ‘Your Legacy” is a book about building meaningful faith in children and passing it along to future generations.  For parents who believe passionately in Jesus Christ and anticipate His promised gift of eternal life, there is no higher priority in life than providing effective spiritual training at home. 


“The Difference You Make – Changing Your World Through the Impact of Your Influence”

Author:  Pat  Williams – with Jim Denney.  In this book Pat Williams introduces the reader to people who are changing    the world by influencing lives, from the famous to the little known.  He shares practical, life-changing principles that you can put to work in your family, workplace, classroom, church and community.  Some of the principles covered include servant hood, empowerment, character and the power of your written and spoken words.

“Debt –Proof Living – How to Get Out of Debt & Stay That Way”

Author: Mary Hunt. Subjects included in this book include: “Debt Proof Living”; “A plan to Deb-Proof You Life”; “Create Your Spending Plan”;  ‘You Deserve Some Credit”; and “Student Loans – Student Debt”.



“Irreplaceable – What is Family?”  

Media:  DVD   Tim Sisarich, host of the movie, travels about the world   exploring what impacts families most today.  From this narrative learn how an individuals role in creating and encouraging stable families can transform the world.  In this documentary topics such as marriage and dads are explored, “Irreplaceable” offers a message of hope for all members of a family. (2 copies in the library)