Baja Mexico

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Across our southern border lies the beautiful Baja California Peninsula of Mexico with its stunning Pacific Ocean shoreline.  Surrounding the beauty, however, are plentiful opportunities for ministry in some of the neediest communities on earth.

One such community, located in Ensenada, is called Maneadero. Our work there is shared with the Jackson Park Church of Christ in Nashville, Tennessee, with the Vaughn Park Church of Christ in Montgomery, Alabama, also assisting.

Together we support a full-time minister for this congregation, Alfredo Chavero. Alfredo and his wife Carmen, along with their sons Alfredo, Jr. and Argenis (shown in first slide above), began working with the Maneadero congregation during the time their former minister, Raymundo Inungaray, was being treated for leukemia. At Raymundo’s passing, Alfredo became the regular minister. Not only is he ministering to the Maneadero congregation, but he continues a work he had started earlier among groups in Chapultepec and Durango.

The pictures below include just some of the families that attend the congregation.  In addition one of the building our two congregations have built in Maneadero which seats about 150 people can also be seen in the pictures below.

Murrieta Church of Christ sponsors at least four annual, combined trips to the City of Children and Maneadero.  At Maneadero we attend Sunday services, provide lunch for the congregation and many neighbors, and provide food packages, clothing, blankets and other needed items to the congregation as well as to the community surrounding the church building.

 City of Children

The City of Children is a haven for children of the northern area of the Baja California peninsula who are orphaned or abandoned. Just 75 miles south of the San Diego/Tijuana border crossing, this home for hurting little ones seeks to meet their physical and spiritual needs.

Begun in 1970 as a labor of love led by Earl Farmer and concerned Christian people in California, the City of Children was continued from 1988 through 2008 under the capable and anointed leadership of Stan and Carole Stout, formerly of Yorba Linda, CA.  In 2011 Tom Begin, who has a long history  with The City and also served as an Elder at the Murrieta Church of Christ, accepted the position of American director. It continues to be a successful mission model of the Churches of Christ across America.

The City seeks to bring love and happiness back into the lives of these children. One of the ways they accomplish this is through providing mission opportunities for visiting teams from the Churches of Christ. The purpose of such visits is to show the children friendship and Godly examples. The hugs and attention they receive from these visits may be just what they need to help heal a broken heart. The services provided by the visiting teams–serving a meal, giving a gift or working on the property–provides heavenly benefits to both giver and receiver.

Members of our congregation travel to the City of Children four times a year, generally in February, May, October and December. Our trips always include preparing and serving meals to the children, planned activities with them, and free time just to spend with them. The December trip is a special time as we also provide Christmas gifts for the children and have a party with them.

Several members of our Missions Ministry also personally provide monthly support for one of the children living at the home.

If you will reach out to the children, God will overflow your heart with blessings!