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 Praise the name of the Lord; praise Him, you servants of the Lord…”

Psalm 135:1


Ministry Leader Primary  Support Elder  Support
Adult Education Rich Dawson Tommy Smith Steve Terry
Assembly/Worship Howard Williams  Doug Cole Mike Swager
Benevolence Austin Williams Darlene Williams Doug Keup
Facilities Randy Marrs Jim Partain Doug Keup
Children’s Education Laureen Henegar   Steve Terry
House to House




Jason Holtkamp


Glenn Romans

Doug Cole



Amy Romans

Steve Terry


Doug Keup

Media Jim Day Howard Williams Doug Keup
Men’s Activities Jeff Boone   Mike Swager
Missions Dustin Smith Tommy Smith Roy Davis
Involvement Isaac Williams Evelyn Williams Mike Swager
Prison Bill Sheppard Ted Wilson Roy Davis
Security/Disaster Jason Holtkamp Mike Woodroof Doug Keup
Spanish Bert Parker  Henan Cortez Miike Swager
Special Events Various   Doug Keup
Women’s Activities Danielle Moody Diana Blackwell

Carmen Wishart

Steve Terry
Youth & Teens Garrett Behrends Peter Sparks

Josh Holtkamp

Roy Davis


Here is a list of Ministries, their Leaders, their Primary Supporters and their Elder. Please refer to the latest directory for more contact details.