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The ministry of Special Events serves the church by providing assistance at functions where special decorating, drama, or other specialized services may be needed.


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Fall Festival

What a time of fun and games our Fall Festival is! Our kids come in costume and parade for everyone to win the costume prizes.

Next Stop: The game booths where they play for candy and prizes. And there’s always the Cartoon Corral with popcorn and cotton candy when they get tired winning those prizes.

Parents have their own good time with a Chili Cookoff while the kids play their games. After the winners are announced, everyone gets to enjoy the tasty concoctions accompanied by cornbread and all the fixins’. And then, of course, there are all the wonderful desserts to sample if they haven’t already eaten too much of their kids’ candy!

Fall Festival (4) Fall Festival (5) Fall Festival (3) Fall Festival (2) Fall Festival (1)

Christmas Dinner

Picture a sumptuous Christmas buffet surrounded by tables draped in holiday linens, beautiful centerpieces on each table, and a stage filled with sets and props holding the promise of Christmas entertainment–maybe a Christmas music concert or a musical by the kids.

That’s the scene greeting our family members each year near Christmastime. Yes, we sometimes even remove our pews and turn our auditorium into a dinner theater! Or we might host the dinner in our Fellowship Center. And when all have feasted and are enjoying the last tidbits of dessert, the entertainment begins!

One of our best-loved traditions, many people are always involved in the Christmas Dinner and entertainment following.

Christmas Dinner (2) Christmas Dinner (1) Christmas Dinner (5) Christmas Dinner (4) Christmas Dinner (3)