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Teaching Helps for Young Classes

Teaching The Way: Wonderful variety of Bible class helps on this Pinterest account – new 2/25/15

Free Bible Images: The Word in pictures, great for Power Points Unique animated Holy Land tours, games, puzzles, and more in the Kids Korner section

Kids and the Bible blogspot: Activities and craft ideas

Open Bible Stories: Excellent visual for smart phone, tablets, or computer use in PDF format

Bible Class Creations: Visual, craft ideas

Child’s Bible Study  In depth, illustrated textual studies with corresponding activities.

Ministry-to-Children: Object lessons, Bibles lessons, coloring pages, crafts

Bible Fun for Kids:  Lapbooks, songs, visuals, lesson text, crafts, and more

Crafting the Word of God: Craft ideas for Bible classes

Bible Puzzles  Free Puzzle Fillers

BiblePuzzles.Blogspot: Coloring pages, quizzes, clipart, clean jokes, word searches, and puzzles

Truth for kids: Activities, crafts, devotions, resources

Free Illustrated Bible: Activities, crafts, devotions, resources

Lambsongs: Free full color Bible story booklets

Jesus Without Language: Free lessons, craft ideas, games, etc. Free Bible class books you can reprint Bible class curriculum for elementary thru high school ages 325 O.T. and N.T. Bible lessons with a coloring page, puzzles, and questions for each lesson

Hands On Bible Teacher:  Wonderful site with video of workshops, ideas for your Bible lessons and classroom, and more

Handwriting for Kids (N.T.): These handwriting helps with Bible pictures are great for homeschoolers

Handwriting for Kids (O.T.):

Hanna Publications   The mission of Hanna Publications has always been to teach God’s Word and help Bible Teachers, parents, and all who use our curriculum with the goal of properly grounding students in the Scriptures. Scripture and science for kids

Creative Youth Ideas: Youth games, icebreakers, teaching ideas…

Creative Bible Study: Object lessons, Bible pictures, devotionals with pre-school thru youth sections

Kids Sunday School Place: Object talks, lesson plans, puzzles…

Pictorial Bible Commentary: Bible commentary with free clipart Public domain (free) clipart collection

The Kid’s Zone: Biblical profiles Answers to questions about evolution, creation, intelligent-design… Bible book studies, dictionary, activities…

Little Blessing Bible Lessons: Lessons, activities, Bible verses for pre-school children

BibleLessons4Kidz: Lesson plans, PowerPoints, discussion ideas…

Bible for Children: Full color stories from several Bible lessons in PowerPoint and PDF format (text available in 19 languages)

Pete’s PowerPoint Station: Free PowerPoint presentations for children’s Bible study Make your own word searches, crossword puzzles…

Discovery School: Puzzle maker for mazes, word searches…

Making Friends Spiritual Themes for Paper Dolls Friends: Paper dolls for helping to teach Bible stories Activities, crafts, coloring pages, puzzles, bulletin board ideas… Objective lessons, PowerPoint presentations Free children’s flipchart images and Power Points, lesson graphics, lessons…

Danielle’s Place: Bible crafts, activities, lessons Free craft ideas for Bible class Interactive online hangman Interactive online Bible hangman, word jumbles Interactive online word searches

A Kid’s Heart: Online jigsaw puzzles, memory verses, coloring pages…

Christians Unite: Online Bible quizzes

Bible Questions: 1500 interactive online Bible questions

Bible in Song: Interactive online Bible puzzles

The Bible Puzzles Site: Interactive online word scrambles, hangman…

MSSS Crafts: Free crafts and ideas for over 100 Bible stories Sketching memory verses, craft ideas, group mural projects… Online Bible stories, coloring pages

Free Coloring Pages: Bible stories coloring pages

Christian (Bible) Coloring Pages: Printable coloring pages with Scriptures

Bible Printables: Bible coloring pages Bible lesson coloring pages (interactive online or print outs)

Sunday School Printables: Free printable coloring pages, bookmarks, Bible verse cards…

Christian Preschool Printables: Dot-to-dot, word searches, mazes, crafts, coloring pages… Bible games, word search puzzles, crosswords

BibleStories4Kids: 60 Bible lessons, each containing a crossword, word search, map, quiz, key story points…

Don Crownover’s Bible puzzles: Crossword and word search puzzles for elementary school ages Bible trivia quiz, word searches, circle-a-word, hangman, kid’s page…

Just for Kids: Riddles, Bible quizzes, order games… Class planning ideas, games, memory verses, clipart… Worksheets, mazes, unscramble words…

The Story of Jesus: Lessons on Jesus’ life, maps, commentary…

Bible Comic Books: The story of Jonah in comic book form (NASV)

Tabernacle Model: Build your own 3-D, full color paper model of the tabernacle Videos of Bible stories: Elijah, David, Jesus, Moses, Jonah

Garden of Praise: Bible slideshows, songs, stories, fill-in the Scripture, flash cards…