Information for Teens

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Mission Statement

Lift Youth & Family Ministries exists to develop passionate students and families for Christ. We strive to honor God as He is inspiring us to serve and love others.

We would love for you and your family to be involved in this ministry. Please take time to go through our web area and check out the things that are going on in this ministry.


Our Identity

The name Lift Youth Ministries was developed at a leadership retreat in September of 2004.  The leaders there were challenged to come up with an identity based on two words that they chose to help define the ministry….

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The words selected were passionate and inspiring.  From these two words, the name The Lift was chosen.

Passionate| adj.
Having, compelled by, or ruled by intense emotion or strong feeling; fervid

Inspiring| v.
To affect, guide, or arouse by divine influence.

The Lift” was chosen because, as we are passionate for God, we are lifting Him up and He inspires us and guides us to do His will.  Then, in turn, we are able to inspire others to follow and serve God.

About our logo:

  •          The logo of this ministry was created to form a visual identity to the name of the ministry.
  •          The outside circle represents God and His presence.  This presence is constantly around us all the time.
  •          The inside circle represents us, God’s sons and daughters, as a family of believers.
  •          The cross represents Christ who is in us.
  •          The arrow on top of the cross represents how Christ directs us toward God.  Jesus proclaimed that he was the only way to God, our savior.

In early 2007, Lift Youth Ministries changed to Lift Youth & Family Ministries due to the need of specific focus on developing our youth and families and their relationships with each other and God.  We are excited about what God is accomplishing through this ministry.

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Meetings & Events

Small Groups

Every Sunday Night From 5-7

Small Groups take place at our Youth Minister’s home on Sunday nights from 5-7, except for the second Sunday. On that night family devotionals are held at various homes.

Many surveys have been done on Church Growth.  Each points back to small groups being imperative for the spiritual and relational growth in churches and ministries.

In 2010 we started High School Small Groups at our Youth Minister’s home. We believe Small Groups to be key for the future growth of this ministry.

If you have a student who is interested in attending, please contact Garrett at garrettb@murrietacoc.org.



Meeting Every Wednesday Night at 6:30

6:30-6:45: Hang, Eat & Music

6:46-7:00: Game/Ice-Breaker

7:00-7:30: Lesson

7:30-8:00: Small Groups

Uplift is our big weekly event for 6th-12th graders, and it is totally casual.  At Uplift, our goal is to teach and reach any kid who walks through the door, whether the teen has been in church his whole life or it is his first time in church.  We desire to be a welcoming, engaging, and safe place for every teen who comes to Uplift.

Our motto is Open, Real and Honest, and the activities and lessons that take place each week are designed to achieve that standard and to bring our teens into relationships with Jesus Christ and each other.


Sunday Classes

Meeting Every Sunday at 10:30AM

Sunday Classes for Grades 6-12

High School & Middle School: Garrett Behrends

Click here for more info on Sunday Morning Classes

Second Sunday Family Devotionals

On the second Sunday of each month

During the school year, we have a family devotional in a church member’s home. These are great times of connection with each other and in our relationships with God. We eat, laugh, worship and enjoy our time together.