• 06:30 PM
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Ages 3 – 5th grade

6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

First,THANK YOU for bringing your child(ren) on Wednesday nights!  We are so blessed to sing, share life, pray, and learn from the Bible with each other.  Our mission is that they learn to know & love God and what it means to love one another.
This month (October 2014) we are learning about being a person of integrity.  Last week we studied Daniel, reading Daniel chapter 6.  Daniel was a man who “served faithfully” and “nothing could be found he did wrong” except for faithfully serving God. Tonight we talked about what Jesus said about integrity and being a light of the world in Matthew 5:14-16.  If you are able to during the school commute, dinner or bedtime routine, please review our memory verse Proverbs 10:9

“Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.” Yes, tonight some tea-lights were defective, and I did explode a chocolate milkshake on 6 of the kids, but we just roll with it.

Songs we’ll sing this month: Light of the World (Here I Come to Worship), Stand Strong (VBS:Kingdom Rock), and Don Moen’s God Will Make A Way: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RsMAXhc0QTs. I choose songs that are thematic, but it’s more enjoyable to hear the kids sing the songs they love, so please let us know if there is a favorite song or request from your child and we’ll put it into the rotation!

Tonight we passed out mini notebooks & pens to the kids. Please use for the Christlike character series (calendared through the school year). NO STRESS IF WE NEVER SEE THESE AGAIN!!  The purpose though is twofold. First, they have the memory verse for the month.  Secondly, If possible, you/r child can jot a quick note of where/when/how they showed integrity, or perhaps if they struggled in a situation.  I believe if we are attentive to look for those moments, to celebrate the successes and pray through the struggles, our kids will develop integrity as a Christlike quality as well as it will be integrated into our family values.  If they bring the journals back, we can share what the kids wish, and add other items. Again: NO STRESS if this small notebook evolves into the grocery list or is lost. With the wide range of ages we serve in WNAC,we strive to be Christlike and relevant.  I realize though, we struggle with midweek homework and extracurricular activities so if the kids arrive at 6:30, call it good!  My personal motto is: Do your best: Trust God will do the rest.
We’ve had several birthday celebrations this month.  Please let me know if your child’s birthday is coming up. We like to treat him/her to their favorite dessert or snack.

As always, if you have any questions, a “huh/what?”  or concerns, please call, find us at church, or send an e-mail/message. Please refer to the latest MCoC Directory for contact info.

Love all,
Nancy Smith
& Rachel Holtkamp

Wednesday Night Alive in Christ ministry